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"My name is Charles Traynor, Jr. and Peoria Mineral Springs Historic Site has been in the Traynor family name for over 40 years. Last year, my son Charles Traynor III, called me in Chicago, where I have been living and working for several years, and told me that there was a problem with the north wall of the reservoir (the entrance way).  I returned to Peoria to assess the damage and realized that we had a MAJOR problem and a lot of work ahead of us to try to save the Springs. I retired my interests in Chicago at age 72, and have returned.

Facts :
This is the oldest historic site in the tri-county and perhaps the State of Illinois. The Spring dates to pre-history and the reservoir, brick and mortar, are circa 1843.

Currently :
A single bid of $40,000 has been submitted to replace and restore the damaged wall, which is approximately 10' by 15.'

In Addition :
Along with the restoration, a geological survey and an architectural survey of the site and structure are needed.

Unfortunately, there is no money for either at present !

We are currently seeking investors for the financial aid that is so vital to preserve this ancient and historic site.

We ask that you take this information, share it with your fellow commissioners, and try to assist us in the preservation of this ancient natural spring and landmark site. Peoria has often demonstrated a great sense of the importance of historical preservation, and I pray that a means will become available in the very near future.

To view the inside of the reservoir access the 5 minute video produced by the PBS Illinois Adventure 501 series at . Type in mrcharles701

Looking forward to hear from you..."

     Charles Traynor Jr.

Mineral Spring Water Processing and Bottling Opportunity


Mission Statement

To bring  together people with a passion for history

To work together in thought and deed to develop and implement plans to restore and preserve one of Peoria's greatest historical sites

To explore the possibility of developing sources of revenue from the Springs which would ensure it's lasting  preservation

To share the gained knowledge with other similar entities whenever called upon

"Water and Air are the two most precious things on Earth"

Tobias Traynor Jr.
               Telephone:  309-922-7783
               Charles Traynor